Second Nature (Elise, pt. 4!)

It has been a long time since my last update, I admit it. And I know people have been waiting with both frustration and restrained violence for the next installment of the chain story, Elise.

But the wait is finally over! Here is my continuation of Joe Blame’s part three, which you can find here. My bit is a little more visceral than I usually go for, but I hope you enjoy, and I can’t wait to see what happens to Elise next!

“Back against the wall, bitch!” yelled the guard again, advancing on her with the other two at his side.

Don’t fucking push me,” snarled Elise, forcing the words past clenched and bared teeth. Her whole body, her chest, fists, arms and legs, were all shaking with the white hot rage she’d fought to contain since entering the grid station. The stench of the humans’ sweat, the acrid taste of gun metal in the air – it all chipped away at her self control, and Elise felt herself giving in to her dangerous second nature. The guard sneered at her, calm arrogance radiating from him and the loose way he gripped the gun.

“Not in much of a position for making threats are you, half-breed,” he spat. Elise’s eyes narrowed to slits at the slight, and the answering guffaws it inspired from the guard’s lackeys merely added to her fury. Then, with bright clarity, something occurred to her, and her face twisted into a dark smile.

“Awful lot of explosives in here,” she hissed, taking a slow, menacing step forwards. The presence within her was taking hold, now. She watched the guard’s expression shift, and exalted in the way he tightened his posture. Gripped the gun harder. He was a weak, infantile creature, and she was powerful. “Better hope someone doesn’t set them off.” Another step forwards.

“That’s far enough, bitch!”

“Oh!” Elise laughed cruelly, watching the three little humans band closer together, and took a step further, keeping their eyes locked in her gaze. Her hand itched for the kunai stored secretly in her pocket. Caleb was a silent presence behind them.

“You’re all fucked, you know,” she said, almost casually.


“Oh yeah. Because the thing is,” her voice now a dangerous whisper, “you don’t know which one of us has the detonator, fuckwit. Do you.”

The guard’s eyes widened in consternation, and as his attention wavered for that split second, as he remembered Caleb and faltered, Elise seized her moment and closed the gap between them. In one fluid motion, she stepped forward, and the kunai flew out of her pocket and into her hand. Its shining blade flashed through the air, parting the soft flesh of the guard’s neck with satisfying ease, and using its momentum Elise flipped the kunai over and pummelled its hilt into a second human’s temple. She felt his skull crack. Blood began to seep from the two men. Their bodies went limp, falling in slow motion. Elise watched from the corner of her eye as Caleb swept in from the the left, and dealt a crushing blow to the third man’s solar plexus as he raised his own gun to fire. The guard’s eyes clamped shut, and the weapon slipped from his hand. A thrill of victory surged through Elise, and she felt herself turn towards the third fallen man.

Suddenly she blinked. Time snapped back into its regular beat, and two guards fell dead at her feet. Caleb was yelling at the third man on the floor, kicking him hard in the stomach and face. Elise felt the presence sink back into her, sated, and the room began to swim.

“C-Caleb!” she yelled, a hand flying to her head as she tried to steady herself. “Wait, please!”

Something in the tone of her voice caught his attention. He glanced in her direction. “What?”

“Leave him. Leave… th-that one. Don’t kill another one. I can’t. P-Please, not another one.” Her voice was weak, and she felt frail. Felt sick, as she realised what she’d done. Remembered how she’d lost control, and given in to that rage inside of her. Two people were dead at her feet, one of them convulsing grotesquely. Little squelching noises escaped from his riven neck. The expanding pool of blood had already reached her feet. What have I done?

“I…” Caleb trailed off as Elise met his gaze, and something softened in his features. The man at his feet was sobbing quietly. Caleb grabbed a gun, then stepped forward and took Elise’s hand. “Quick. Gotta get out of here. You still have the detonator, right?”

Elise nodded quickly, unable to speak.

“Good,” Caleb said, and Elise let him drag her towards an exit. The alarms would go off soon, she just knew it.

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