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It occurs to me that NaNoWriMo is roughly six weeks away.

Are you nervous?

So you should be! It’s bloody difficult. But, it is also a pretty rewarding experience, especially if you make it to the finish line. I will be attempting it again this year (though, whether that is wise given that it is my final year of uni, I’m not entirely sure), and I thought I would wish everybody luck now before I forget.

Go in with a concept. That’s what I’d suggest. First time I tried it, I went in blind, and dropped out after the first couple of days. The next time? All I knew is that I wanted it to start in a library, but 4 weeks and 50,000 words later, I had my place in the winner’s circle.

What are your NaNo tips, successes, failures, and general musings? Is it a good idea, or a pointless waste of time?

The end of Elise

Unfortunately, do to various commitments and personal situations, Joe Blame will no longer be able to continue with our chain story. And frankly, with his self-imposed daily deadlines, I can’t blame him for calling it a day!

I encourage you all to keep visiting his site, and supporting him on his quest for a year’s worth of daily stories – it’s a mighty goal, and I know I’ll still be reading. On a personal note, Elise was our joint creation, and I am sorry to see her put on what will most likely be a permanent hiatus.

But, never say never. I hope one day we’ll be able to finish what we started.

Misguided Ghosts

If I have one major shortcoming, it is that I often avoid the things I know I am bad at. Or that I can’t stand doing. I run with what I think I am good at, and what I enjoy, and end up with glaring holes in my abilities.

First person narratives and present tense narratives are good examples of this. I avoid them like the plague. So, in an attempt to face my demons, I’ve attempted something that is both! I don’t know what to make of it, but I hope you enjoy it.

What are your writing demons? My challenge to you: choose a couple of them, then write a couple of paragraphs using them. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself.

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Bare Bones

So here it is!

My website now meets the bare minimum requirements of functionality. A front page, two other pages, and this blog, with home-made navigation buttons to boot.

Yes, that was a giant man-eating snail you clicked on to get here.

Obviously this is not the final incarnation of my site (I’m hoping it will have many more whistles and bells on it by the time I’m done), but I wanted to have somewhere that people could find me. This blog will be about what I’m writing, how I’m finding it, and how much at any given time I want to self-combust because my sentences aren’t flowing properly. I am a creative writing student in Surrey, England, and I hope you enjoy my ramblings and occasional bits of actual writing.

Feel free to drop me a line :).